Paula Garcés

6 years as a DJ and 3 years as a producer has given this Colombian the chance to share its creations in multiple festivals around the world. In 2015 one of her tracks was the most shared in Ibiza, which was a great motivation for her to keep experiencing with sounds and rhythms. House, techno and trap lover, Paula wants to improve her creation process learning about Ableton Live and other topics as production techniques and marketing.


This young Brazilian DJ has a year of experience in the music industry and a profound desire of learn more about it. His passion is to share emotions with his mixes and spread his music all around the world. His main influences are Ricardo Villalobos, Richard Devine and Afuken: Carpenter loves microhouse and minimal techno. The main interests of this DJ are to improve his skills in mastering and learn more about sound engineering and modular synthesis.


This Uruguayan artist has been dedicated to the music since she was 18. Even though her first approach was to blues and rock, she found in electronic music a way to be in charge of all the aspects of her creations. In 2014 she produced her first album with her name in which she reflected tribal reminiscences with a downtempo style and a strong melodically component. Thanks to that she started to be known in the local scene of Montevideo, and then she reached other places of Latin America. In 2017 she moved to Berlin and played in a lot of iconic places for electronic music. In this year she entered Pulse as an artistic curator. Nowadays she plays her mixes in legendary clubs of the German capital but she does not leave behind the latin scene: she keeps playing live shows in Uruguay and Brazil.

Theo Fraga

To live for the music: this is the main motivation of this Brazilian artist. With 5 years of experience as a producer, Theo is in a permanent search of new sounds and creative ways of produce and share his music. He enjoys melodic techno, tribal house and downtempo so his main influences are: David August, Francesco Tristano and Black Coffee.

Adriano Mattioli

For this Argentinian, music is a social element that changes people’s life which is why, besides being a producer for the last 8 years, he also dedicates his time to the sale and purchase of vinyl records and the technological training of DJs. His influences are diverse: he enjoys rhythms as ambient, downtempo and deep house, but he also likes artists from other genres as Pink Floyd, Gustavo Cerati, Moby and Radiohead.

Felipe Venegas

With 10 years of experience in the production world, Felipe Venegas has found in the music a place to express his artistic and existential questions. Besides traveling and getting to know new cultures, this Chilean producer wants to open new ways to other artists of his country, which is why he would like to know more about cultural management, besides composition techniques. His main influences are Mile Davis and Maurice Ravel.


With 8 years of experience as a producer and a wide musical knowledge in piano, percussion, bass and guitar, DVRP wants to make known the Peruvian electronic scene. Rhythms as jazz, latin and oriental music have influenced his creations, which he wants to improve with new perspectives and techniques. He would like to learn more about mastering and discuss topics like counterculture. In daily life he use his musical talent in his own company of sound for publicity and animations.


His creative force is his main characteristic and his goal is to devote himself to music full time. This Colombian has been producing for 10 years, learning to play synthesizer and use Ableton Live for his sets. He is interested in improve his knowledge in modular synthesis and business in the musical industry. His most significant influences are Ricardo Villalobos, Apollonia and Seth Troxler.


This Mexican DJ and producer has found in music a manifestation of his spirit. His sounds has multiple references to his culture, which he knows from a social perspective thanks to his education as an anthropologist. To accomplish that he uses classic guitar with pre-Hispanic instruments, very distinctive sounds that, since 2017, have reached Germnay, Switzerland and USA. Some of his main influences are Acid Pauli, Oceanvs Orientalis and Wide Awake.


Argentinian DJ and producer, passionate about experience new technologies for her live set. She has 5 years of experience and a great musical knowledge in instruments like guitar, keyboard, bass and percussion. She would like to learn more about recording from different sound sources and analogue mastering. Her main inspiration sources goes from synth pop to folclore, with bands as The Knife and Los hermanos Berbel. In his daily life she teaches musical production to DJs and music to children of public schools.


Emerging from the beautiful cultural Oaxaca and the depths of the mayan jungle Nico Borgio is a musical project which expresses its roots through heavy waves of eclectic House and Deep Techno rhythms. Being a true digger Nico constantly proves his passion and love for music through his dj sets and productions. This project is based on emotions, personality and original essence that was born from a Mexican background with the purpose of telling a story that can transcend into a new experience.