We are part of the emerging electronic music culture that supports and de-borders regions through the different actors that make it up. We are a community made up of artists, groups and a passionate audience that worships global trends.

We focus on being an exhibition space for local scenes through our online mentors and consultants that we provide to our participants; as well as activities and content headed by emerging talents and special guests. We do not seek to profit from the musical culture. Musikplatz is looking for quality and young talents who trust us for what we love: emerging electronic music.

In the world there are two sides, the A, the B, the yin or the yang. We are on the emerging side of our world, of our own language, of our own music We are free because we have no rules, we have our own. We are not unique because we are several and here, in the underground, we all know, it is a different world, our world, that of the emerging nation.

Night Embassy is home to a network of artists, musicians, artists and creatives emerging whose projects aim to inspire meetings and create global community.

Our long-term musical career focused on highlighting emerging talent with workshops, talks, showcases and parties with international talent.

Our first electronic music marathon sprint with 20 Latin American talents who tested their creativity and technique for 4 hours

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