René Rocco


His work focuses on polyrhythmic compositions, rhythmic shifts, random processes, errors, digital sound and non-traditional structures. The use of contrast and sound breaking seeks to generate an unpredictable musical discourse.

His beginnings as a producer were marked by mathmetal music, impressionist composers and movie soundtracks, developing the need to be more and more visually descriptive through music. It was in 2012 when he had the first approach to electronic sound, beginning to develop his first completely electronic compositions, publishing “Tekhné” first EP under the name “Sistemata” and edited by the Spanish label “Artificial Domain” belonging to producer Boris Divider.

During the year 2019 he was selected as a finalist in the Pulsar awards held in Chile, nominated in the category “Best electronic artist”. Also, in the category “Artist revelation” was nominated “Velvet”, album produced for Martina Petric. This year he was also selected by Musik Platz to participate in Musikrennen Buenos Aires, obtaining first place.

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